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Ancient Book Service

The total library collection of thread-bound ancient Chinese books in the stacks amounts to nearly 30,000 titles with approximately 300,000 individual volumes. More than 2,000 titles have been identified as rare books according to the national standard by the editorial committee of The Catalogue of Ancient Chinese Rare books, and more than 400 titles are sole surviving copies. Whether in terms of quantity or quality, this collection is one of the best among libraries in China. After checking the catalogue and completing the necessary formalities, readers can read these books in the ancient books reference room.

An Institution for the History of Science & Technology and Ancient Texts is attached to the Library. 

           Email: gaoxuan@mail.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                      

Database Mirror-site Service

Since 1998, the Library cooperated with other academic libraries of China to subscribe foreign databases in the consortium manner and set up domestic mirror-sites in Tsinghua University Library, so that all the authorized users in China can access these databases quickly without any international communication fee.

So far, the Library has set up several mirror-sites for important foreign databases, such as Elsevier Science, Ei Village, IEL, CSA, SDOS, FirstSearch, etc. Besides, the library also set up a mirror site for China Academic Journal Net which includes 5000 full-text chinese e-journals. The library provides database services for all the authorized users of the nationwide without any charge.

          Email: yangyi@mail.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                        Back

Interlibrary Loan

ervices provided:

  • Copying articles owned by Tsinghua University Library (users of Tsinghua University are restricted).
  • Copying journal articles, standards, patents, conference papers and technical reports from other domestic or overseas libraries or information agencies.
  • Borrowing or ordering dissertations or theses on your behalf.
  • Borrowing books from National Library of China, Documentation and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University Library and Hong Kong Polytechnic University Library for users of Tsinghua University (users out of Tsinghua University are restricted).

Please refer to http://dds.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn/dds/english/Home.htm for more details. 

E-mail:Interlib2@mail.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                        Back

Library Instructions

ibrary offers the following courses:
Sci-Tech Literature Searching and Utilization
--A required and elective course for both under-graduates and graduates, helping them to grasp the basic skills of information retrieval and utilization through teaching and practice.
How to Use the Library --An elective course with the goal of helping under-graduate students to comprehend the bibliographic services provided by the library and then make the best use of the library.

Library offers the following regular training programs:

  • Library Collections and Utilization
  • Online Catalog
  • CD-NET Database Search
  • Dialog Online Search
  • Electronic Journals Searching and Utilization
  • Elementary Knowledge on Multi-media and Introduction to Multi-media CD
  • Bibliographic Retrieval on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Bibliographic Retrieval on Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Information Retrieval
  • Bibliographic Retrieval on Standard Information
  • New Resources and New Services of Library , etc.
  • Email: jia-lin@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn                                 Back

Novelty Search

Novelty Search Center of Tsinghua University is authorized by the Ministry of Education P.R.C. with the aim at providing novelty search service for the research community of Tsinghua University. What is called Novelty Search is to gather related bibliographic documents by retrieval and ultimately offer a reasonable, analytical report after investigation and comparison, according to a given research project . 

The purposes of novelty search includes:

  • Awards Application for Sci-Tech Achievements
  • Patent Application 
  • Appraisal for Sci-Tech Achievements 
  • Sci-Tech Project Determination Technology Import 

     E-mail: huangxl@lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                         Back

OCLC Service Center

In order to promote the cooperation between Tsinghua University and OCLC, Tsinghua OCLC Service Center was established in 1996 in Tsinghua University Library.

With the major mission of offering training and technical support to Chinese FirstSearch users, the center also exerts its best efforts to promote and expand the use of FirstSearch by libraries , institutes and other organizations in China. The center provides all technical assistance to users and reduces charges as much as possible at the same time.

          Email:oclcsc@mail.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                           Back

Online Database Retrieval Service

The Library provides access to various online databases such as DIALOG, BDSIRS(Beijing Document Service Information Retrieval System), etc. Trained librarians plan and execute searches of databases, help patrons analyze the search results.

          E-mail: info212@mail.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                      Back

Reference & Information Service

Reference and Information Service Desk at the main hall of the library new building provides assistance and advice to individual library patrons in obtaining documents and information --

  • Answer patrons' questions of finding materials from library's collections and accessing to the catalogs. Collections include printed books and periodicals, microforms, electronic databases, etc. Catalogs are online catalogs and card catalogs.
  • Help patrons in searching CD-ROM networking databases, online databases and Internet resources and make them skilled.
  • Introduce library services to patrons. These services are ILL,  subject reference, SDI, etc.

Patrons can submit their questions at desk, by phone, or via e-mail. Some guided materials, such as introduction to the OPAC, user's guides of databases, subject guides to the library resources and services, can be obtained at the Desk.

          E-mail: http://vrs.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                      Back

Subject Librarian System

To strengthen the ties between library and academic departments and to help faculty and students make a better use of library resources, Tsinghua University Library started the "Subject Librarian System" since 1998. By this system, every academic department (school) appoints a departmental library coordinator to keep contact with the library and reflect the requests of his department. At the same time, library appoints subject librarian with related major background for each department to solve their problems or handle their requests.

Responsibilities of Subject Librarians

  • Offer training programs for new faculty and new students of the corresponding department in March and September of each year.
  • Conduct workshops on library utilization for the corresponding department according to their needs.
  • Introduce new information resources and new services to the corresponding department.
  • Edit reference materials for the corresponding department.
  • Collect and introduce useful web resources for the corresponding department.
  • Solve problems of the corresponding department in library utilization.
  • Solicit opinions from the corresponding department especially for journals, books, electronic resources and services of library.                                                                         

    E-mail: hanlf@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn                         Back

Teaching Materials Service

Foreign Teaching Materials Center(FTC) of Tsinghua University was established in 1985, entrusted by State Education Ministry. The mission of FTC is to import teaching materials from  famous foreign universities, including textbooks, reference books, dissertations, and other relevant teaching materials.

The FTC supplies various services such as recommendation, specific subject alerting, selective dissemination of information, book review, workshops, et al. 

There are a Foreign Teaching Materials Center Reading Room and a Chinese Textbook Sample Reading Room in the library, both of them are in charge of collecting and managing the textbooks, reference books, and other kinds of teaching materials for domestic and overseas universities and colleges, and offer services to institutions of higher learning nationwide.

          E-mail: liuyl@mail.lib.tsinghua.edu.cn                            

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