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Tsinghua University Library's collection is emphasized on Science and Technology and also covers broad subjects of Humanities, Social Sciences and Management. The total collection amounts to more than 3.5 million items, including:

Printed Collections
bullet.gif (196 bytes)300,000 thread-bound ancient books;
bullet.gif (196 bytes)More than 4,000 current serials and 400,000 bound periodicals;
bullet.gif (196 bytes)More than 30,000 Tsinghua University dissertations and theses;
bullet.gif (196 bytes)More than 70,000 microforms
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Other books.

Electronic Resources

bullet.gif (196 bytes)Near  42,000 full-text e-journals;
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Over 350 electronic databases;
bullet.gif (196 bytes)More than 920,000 e-books;
bullet.gif (196 bytes)More than 35,000 multimedia collections;
Note: not including on-line databases and internet resources )

Special Collections
The special collections of the Library  contains: 
bullet.gif (196 bytes)
300,000 thread-bound ancient books.
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Antiques and rubbings from inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stone tablets.
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Abundant electronic resources including several important web database mirror sites. 
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Digital Library Project.
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Nearly 3,000 monographs or textbooks, including some special manuscripts and videotapes, which are donated by faculty members, staffs, alumni and others who have been in Tsinghua University. 
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Newspapers and magazines edited by the University, such as Bulletin of Alumni, Xin Tsinghua and the General View of Tsinghua University. 
bullet.gif (196 bytes)Dissertations and theses, final reports of post-doctorate, philosophical essays of doctoral student, and abstracts of dissertation.


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