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Library Cards

The library card is your valid identification to borrow books and to access the library resources. It can be used only by yourself.


The following cards are valid for borrowing in the Library. “Library card ” is the general name of them.

   The official University ID card issued by the University ID Card Center. 
   The "Library Use Only" card
issued by the Library Card Office.

1. Foreign Students may obtain a library card from Tsinghua University  Foreign Students Office.

2. New graduates and new undergraduates may get their university ID card when they enter Tsinghua University.

3. Faculty and postdoctoral researchers may receive borrowing privileges by bringing their university ID card to the library card office to be registered for privileges.

4. Non-members of Tsinghua University may register for a temporary reader’s ticket at the library reception office near the entrance, which is valid only for the very day.

You should report it immediately to where the card is issued. You will be responsible for any misuse of the card during the period that the loss is not reported.  

There are two different circumstances according to the type of the card you lose.

1.     University ID card:

You can choose one of the following means to report the loss to the University ID Card Center.

 (1) In-person
Go directly to the University ID Card Center at Tsinghua XueTang. 

 (2) By telephone
Dial the automatic speech telephone (62788110). (24 hours a day service)

 (3) Via web
Check your personal information first at http://info.tsinghua.edu.cn,and then, click the ‘ID Card Loss Report’ link. The loss report will go into effect in half an hour. (24 hours a day service)

2.     "Library Use Only" card:

You should report your loss to the library card office during the working hours.

Monday through Friday:  8:00a.m.-- 11:20a.m.
                                          2:00 p.m.--5:20p.m. 

Saturday:   9:30a.m.-- 5:00p.m.

Sunday:      2:30p.m.-- 9.:50p.m.



You should go where your card is issued to apply for a new one. There are also two different circumstances according to the type of the card you lose.

       University ID Card
Replacement can be obtained from the University ID Card Center located at Tsinghua Xuetang.

      "Library Use Only" Card
You can apply for a new card in the Library Card Office two weeks after the loss is reported. A one-square-inch photo is required. The charges for replacement card are as follows: 

1st Replacement 10.00 yuan

2nd Replacement 20.00 yuan

3rd Replacement 30.00 yuan 

≥3rd Replacement 30.00 yuan, the new card will be postponed for three months. 


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