IEEE 版权规定

  请广大读者在利用IEEE/IET Electronic Library(IEL)数据库时,自觉遵守IEEE的版权规定,以下行为属于违规。 
1. substantially or systematically download, reproduce, retain or redistribute the Licensed Products or any journal or issue of a journal in the Licensed Products;

2. electronically distribute, via e-mail or otherwise, any Article;

3. abridge, modify, translate or create any derivative work based upon the Licensed Products without the prior written consent of IEEE;

4. display or otherwise make available any information from the Licensed Products to anyone other than Authorized Users;

5. sell, resell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer any rights granted in Section 3, including, but not limited to,use of the Licensed Products for document delivery, fee-for-service or any other substantially similar commercial purpose.

(1) 大量或有系统地下载、复制、保留或重新分发许可产品或在许可产品内的任何期刊或任何一期的期刊;

(2) 以电子方式分发(通过电邮或其它方式)任何文章;

(3) 在未经IEEE事先书面同意,删节、修改、翻译许可产品或根据许可产品制作任何衍生产品;

(4) 向授权用户以外的任何人士显示或以其它方式提供许可产品中的任何资料;

(5) 出售、转售、借出、出租、许可、分许可、转让或以其它方式转移第3条中授予的任何权利;包括但不限于使用许可产品作文件交付、收费服务或任何其它大致上类似的商业用途;或

(6) 以任何方式删除、使模糊或修改显示在文章或在许可产品的版权标记、其它标记或免责声明。

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